Cooking Basics Everyone Should Know

skills every cook should know

Preparation of cooking supplies

:The kitchen must have the necessary tools and equipment for cooking, including the following

Cooking tools: The cook should have some basic cooking tools, such as stirring spoons, metal spoons, scraping spoons, and wooden spoons.

Cooking utensils: There are basic utensils used in cooking, such as: frying pan, pots, and grill trays
Measuring Instruments: Measuring utensils in the kitchen are absolutely essential, such as Measuring cups, a full range of measuring spoons, and glass measuring utensill.

The basics of using yeast

There are some basics of using yeast to make bread and pastries to follow when learning to cook, including
Following the recipe instructions with caution without any increase in sugar, salt, or high temperature, this will kill the yeast

- Yeast grows in a warm environment, so the recipe always needs warm water, or warm milk.

- Yeast feeds on sugar and starches found in the dough, and produces carbon dioxide when growing,
.so the dough swells

Use spices

Spices are the basics of learning the art of cooking, which is the difference between normal cooking and wonderful cooking, and tips to consider when using spices are the following:

- Use citrus as a last touch on cooked meat, vegetables and grains, such as: lemon juice, vinegar, this will give food a distinctive color

- Adding herbs to the dishes increases the appetite of the dish, such as: adding fresh thyme when grilling and roasting food, or sprinkling chopped parsley on foods.

- Sprinkling a little olive oil on vegetables and pasta will enhance its flavor.

Use a simple cookbook

Learning the basics of cooking needs to buy a simple cookbook designed for beginners, which contains an easy and effective set of recipes, cooking terms, and tools to use during cooking, so pay attention to some things before buying the book, such as: the book is easy, and contains If you don't have a cookbook, phone apps can be used to learn it.