How to verify your facebook page ?

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Opening a Facebook page takes a few seconds. Lots of individuals need to check their Facebook
page. But honestly, most people don't know how page verification works. Honestly, there are no specific rules up to the present.

Facebook verification is currently only eligible for powerful or popular pages and known individuals. If you have a strong affiliate page, you will be eligible for verification. Once you're eligible, at the top of the page, there will be a notification stating "Your page is eligible for verification, click here to use." If you follow the link, you will be prompted to submit multiple documents for verification. The full method takes two weeks and then, you receive a blue verification badge.

Although there are no known and fast rules such as verifying a verified page, you will be able to focus on the key points of interest. Please note that, none of these suggestions or supported by Facebook, are my personal opinions. The most vital issue, in my opinion, is participation. The post indicates how many users are interacting on your own page. This is often vital as a result, determining whether your page is very important. To induce verification, you want to get the attention of Facebook. Trying to do this is often a vital issue

The category is also a vital issue to think about. If the category is a public figure / actor / musician, famous artist or scientist, it will be easier to motivate verification. Or, if you have a really modern website, or if you're familiar with the network anywhere else, it might make it easier to get attention from Facebook. The vital question to ask here is, is it vital enough to induce verification? In most cases, I've actually seen that Facebook puts pressure on it.

For example, you'll see some pages with massive fans without verification, some with a few thousand but with verification. This occurs because of importance, rather than impact. If there are two influential people, then verification can simply prove terribly, without regard to the number of fans. On the other hand, if it is "just for fun", you will not be verified even with a 2,000,000 fan.

How to verify your facebook page ?

Otherwise, there is no possible way to use it on Facebook. My thumbs will get tricked. Another vital issue to think about, is time. If you're a new page, it will take longer, unless it's an influential person, a politician. On the other hand, if some recent years, they may be given more priority than others. But as I mentioned above, these data I provide depend on my personal analysis. As a result of Facebook did not reveal how they work, they will not be able to sleep as well.

If you're interested in audience reach, let the US ask you to do so. Verified pages don't have a much higher audience reach rate than unverified pages. Therefore, the entire verification process is not a very vital issue for success in an additional audience. However, it will certainly facilitate full confidence in price and audience. But in my opinion, this is not necessary.